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    Unanswered: Assistance with Access 2007 - Command Button / Query

    Hello everyone,

    This is my first time posting and the reason why I signed up is to ask for some help.

    I would first say that I am not a complete noob when it comes to working with Access, however I am no Zen Master either.

    I work in the security field and because of my familiarity with Access, my manager asked me to create a brand new database from scratch. I have created all of the tables as needed and then I was asked on "how do we search for data" which forced me to create some queries based on stuff like location, date of incident, and others.

    I felt that using a command button that pops up so they can type in the criteria would be the easiest way and I have done so.

    I click on the command button, it runs the query by giving me a pop-up box to search by what type of data I am looking for. When I hit enter, it then opens the query in datasheet view. However, that is not what I want and this is where I need help.

    Here what I would like to see. I click on the command button, enter the data I am searching for (like location) in the pop-up, I hit enter, and the system opens up a report instead of the datasheet.

    I already have a report design that I would like to use, and when I open up the report in the fields where the data would be it says "#Name?" without quotes.

    Any help would be wonderful.
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    I found a way to have the information pull up as I wanted.

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