I have notification information I am needing to collect. If an event happens then 1 to 10 people need to be notified. These notification names could very well change frequently.

The best way I know how to handle this type of data selection, is to put the possible values in a table, which the users can update as needed. I'm having trouble figuring out a simple way of collecting this data.

The way I've handled similar events before is creating an add/edit/delete form that allowed the users to create their own record set, but that was dealing with a lot more information. This is just a set of 10 values or so and I want to know yes or no. However, checkboxes will not work since the information will possibly be dynamic and I will need to keep the old data also.

I thought about using a subform with a list box, but I don't know if I can get each selection to populate a different row in the table to create the recordset I'd need.

This is probably a bit confusing and I apologize for that, if I need to be more specific just ask and I'll do my best. Thanks for your time, thoughts and knowledge.