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    Unanswered: Access Report - multiple records


    I am looking for a way to display only one report at a time when a query is run.

    Currently when I run a query, it goes to the report that I created. But if there is multiple records, the newest record starts below the previous record and it's one long item.

    I would like only to display one record at a time. Is there an easy way to insert a command button that says "next record" ?

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    how do you 'know' which is the most recent?
    having established that set a sort order DESCending for that column

    ORDER BY MyColumn DESC

    you can restrict the number of rows returned using the SELECT TOP clause
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    Actually I was able to have the data come up exactly the way that I wanted.

    Instead of pulling up the report, I have a macro that opens up the form in view mode so the data is there but not able to be modified.

    Because this is an incident report type item for us to track burglaries, each report is given a specific incident number.

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