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    have any one know SQL Update Join training material with live example. Pls help us..

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    This is the general form.
    SET U.AColumn = OtherTable.AnOtherColumn
    FROM TableToUpdate AS U
       INNER JOIN OtherTable On
          U.YetAnotherColumn = OtherTable.YetAnotherColumn 
       INNER JOIN ATotallyDifferentTable On
          OtherTable.NutherColumn = ATotallyDifferentTable.NutherColumn
    WHERE ATotallyDifferentTable.SomeColumn NOT IN ('Yea', 'Nay', 'Dunno')
    I find it a good habit to give the table that will be updated the alias name "U", to distinguish it from the other tables.

    Basically you write the JOINS (INNER, LEFT OUTER, ...) and WHERE clause like you would for any SELECT statement. In the SET part, you can assign a literal value to the update column (like U.IsActive = 'N') , or any column from one of the JOINed tables (U.AColumn = OtherTable.AnOtherColumn).

    If the article you mentioned, you will find a similar example under the header "SQL Update Join".
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