I love Access - and my favorite thing is forms with subforms.

Today - I am stumped by my main form that has a blank subform.
There is nothing special about this except that it is my first attempt at a multiple subform(3) main form

m/f - account name with requests made to call on this account(qry)
s/f1 - request decisions made by management (qry)
s/f2 - calling order assigned by management(table)
s/f3 - salesperson registrations(table)
**so I gathered a history together of this account data for the user:
s/f1 & s/f2 are locked with no focus, this is for the user to be able to see info at once
***s/f3 is the data entry part, based on what they are looking at above, they can create a new registration (salesperson to call on it)

s/f3 is showing no data? so now I'm thinking I created a monster and I can't get my head around the simple fixes for a blank subform.
I checked relationships
subform properties
form properties

Can anyone assist me with some more checks and double checks to make this work?
Much appreciation!!