A company has offices at different states & they want to track their employees and user has to select the reasons from a combobox list.
for example:
cboReason has following options:
Reason 1
Reason 2
Migrated to other state
Reason 4

So, I want that, when a user selects 3rd reason (Migrated to other state), that employee record should have to be moved into the migrated state.
For example:

tblEmployees (EmployeeID = AutoNumber)

in these tables, each State has different offices & different employees in those offices.
So, when a user selects a "migrated to other state", I want to show another combo box which will show, "Migrated To: " & then when a user selects a State from that combo box list, the said employee should move to that State.
And, next time it should only reflect in the migrated state.

Please guide me. I'll be very thankful.