Hi all,

I'm very nearly finished on my project and it's thanks to you all on DB. I now have what I hope is one final query and it would just be a nice to have rather than an essential, which is why I've left it until last.

My excel sheet has a command which sends the document as a pdf to an email receipient. There is an audit trail which tracks window usernames and currently the process will send to the last person in the audit trail. So if Christyxo is the last to update it, it will send an email to christyxo and thankfully Outlook or our mailserver realises that this is my alias and sends it to Christy.xxx@xxx.com. The problem with this is that if I leave, the automatic email would go to an unknown user and for this reason I've left the DoCmd.Send Object to allow Edits before sending.

I'd rather not leave it like this purely because it gives users the opportunity to edit a standardised email so what I want to do is when generating the email, I want to someone tap into or open the Outlook email address book and for the user to pick the employee from the address book before the DoCmd.Sendobject runs.

Can anyone give me a suggestion as to how to do this, or even advice as to whether this is a non starter.