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    Red face Unanswered: Query Tuning

    Hi i am in the learning phase of query tuning, I have this query executed in our prod, which does more sorting.. Just want to understand how this can be tuned to give better performance.

    SELECT SUM(consumption), SUM(demand), MIN(start_dts_lt), MAX(end_dts_lt), MIN(start_dts_z), MAX(end_dts_z) FROM GEMS.METER_CON
    S_SUM_1H WHERE ruletimestamp= '2012-01-11 06:31:02.674050' AND HOUR(start_dts_lt)=17 AND DATE(start_dts_lt)='2012-01-10' AND o
    rgname='WPL' AND location='EC4' AND meterid IN (SELECT assetuid FROM GEMS.MAXIMO_ASSETMETER_SVC_CONS_SUM_DAY WHERE parentuid L

    there are many such query i want to have a basic understanding hw to approach on these kind of query.

    pl. suggest any free tools for the same.

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    have you looked at the access plan with db2 explain tool
    try db2advis to see what is recommended
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