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Thread: hadr standby

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    Unanswered: hadr standby

    we have db2 ese on p/linux 9.5 fp8
    we are using hadr and tsa in an instance with many db's
    we wanted to apply some maintenance
    applied the maintenance on standby server first. - ok
    now doing a takeover on all databases to free the primary server
    at that time (while takeover running) I was disconnected from vpn and lost connection with these machines
    after logon again we stated 1 database on both servers in standby mode
    I tried all kind of commands - stop hadr - deactivate - takeover force to try to release one of these db - no success
    finally I dropped the db and restored db with rollforward
    I could see in another pmr a similar situation but they don't provide much detail

    has anybody lived such a scenario and how did you get out of this ?
    can a rollforward be executed (after you can stop hadr I presume) ?

    this was the text from the other pmr
    I had the customer try and connect to the "primary" database and it said
    it was still in HADR standby mode. I had the customer stop HADR on the
    primary, deactivate the database, stop HADR on the "standby" and then
    activate the "primary". He had to rollforward through the logs to get
    it to deactivate but was able to do so. He deactivated successfully,
    stopped HADR, the activated the database and is able to connect without
    further issue.

    any idea/help is welcome - many thanks ..
    Best Regards, Guy Przytula
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    You can view pmrs opened by other customers? I tried "Search for service requests" opened by all customers, but it seems I can only see pmrs opened by my customer #

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