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    I am new to birt reporting. I am trying to run a birt report. But getting the below erro message:

    SQL error #1: "unknown.unknown" is an undefined name.. SQLCODE=-204, SQLSTATE=42704, DRIVER=4.7.89
    at ontext.addException(Unknown Source)
    at ontext.addException(Unknown Source)
    at xecutor.executeQuery(Unknown Source)
    at xecutor.execute(Unknown Source)
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    It looks like BIRT is sending junk for the query. Whatever it is sending does not exists in the database.


    SQL0204N  "<name>" is an undefined name.
    This error is caused by one of the following:
    *  The object identified by "<name>" is not defined in the database.
    *  The data partition identified by "<name>" is not defined on the
    *  A data type is being used. This error can occur for the following
       *  If "<name>" is qualified, then a data type with this name does not
          exist in the database.
       *  If "<name>" is unqualified, then the user's path does not contain
          the schema to which the desired data type belongs.
       *  The data type does not exist in the database with a create
          timestamp earlier than the time the package was bound (applies to
          static statements).
       *  If the data type is in the UNDER clause of a CREATE TYPE
          statement, the type name may be the same as the type being
          defined, which is not valid.
    *  A function is being referenced in one of:
       *  a DROP FUNCTION statement
       *  a COMMENT ON FUNCTION statement
       *  the SOURCE clause of a CREATE FUNCTION statement
          If "<name>" is qualified, then the function does not exist. If
          "<name>" is unqualified, then a function of this name does not
          exist in any schema of the current path.
          Note that a function cannot be sourced on the COALESCE,
          TYPE_SCHEMA, or VALUE built-in functions.
    *  The element named "<name>" is used on the right side of the UNDER
       clause in CREATE SECURITY LABEL COMPONENT statement but has not yet
       been defined as being ROOT or being UNDER some other element
    *  The security label component element named "<name>" has not yet been
    *  One of the following scalar functions specified a security policy
       identified by "<name>" which is not defined in the database.
       *  SECLABEL
    This return code can be generated for any type of database object.
    Federated system users: the object identified by "<name>" is not defined
    in the database or "<name>" is not a nickname in a DROP NICKNAME
    Some data sources do not provide the appropriate values for "<name>". In
    these cases, the message token will have the following format:
    "OBJECT:<data source> TABLE/VIEW", indicating that the actual value for
    the specified data source is unknown.
    The statement cannot be processed.
    User response:
    Ensure that the object name (including any required qualifiers) is
    correctly specified in the SQL statement and it exists. If the name
    refers to a data partition, query the catalog table
    SYSCAT.DATAPARTITIONS to find the names of all the data partitions for a
    table. For missing data type or function in SOURCE clause, it may be
    that the object does not exist, OR it may be that the object does exist
    in some schema, but the schema is not present in your path.
    For the CREATE or ALTER SECURITY LABEL COMPONENT statement, make sure
    that each element specified as a reference element value for positioning
    the location of a new element value already exists in the security label
    For the CREATE SECURITY LABEL COMPONENT statement, make sure that each
    element is specified as either ROOT or as the child in an UNDER clause
    before specifying it as the parent in an UNDER clause.
    For the scalar functions SECLABEL, SECLABEL_TO_CHAR or SECLABEL_BY_NAME,
    ensure that a valid security policy was specified for the argument
    Federated system users: if the statement is DROP NICKNAME, make sure the
    object is actually a nickname. The object might not exist in the
    federated database or at the data source. Verify the existence of the
    federated database objects (if any) and the data source objects (if
    sqlcode: -0204
     sqlstate: 42704

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