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    Exclamation Unanswered: IRR Function - Issue comparing results between systems


    I'm working on an income deferral problem and we are using IRR to end up calculating periodic income.

    As an example, I have the following inputs:

    Number of periods = 9
    Initial Loan = 21.46
    Instalment amount =15.30
    Future value=0
    Guess=0.1 (10%)

    Using a compiled function from Visual Studio in SQL Server 2008 we get a result of 70.71656373

    Using a Microsoft Access function we get NaN

    Using Microsoft Excel we get NaN

    Using a web calculator we get 70 (ish, the calculator rounds the numbers)

    I know that the numbers are odd, some of our data is dirty so we do expect that. I was expecting the SQL process to kick out an error (therefore converting the result into 0), but it doesn't.

    Can anyone explain this at all?

    Many Thanks!

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    We can't explain it unless you post your code and calculations.
    All our psychic DBAs have apparently dropped off the forum.
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