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    Question Unanswered: oracle 11.2

    I am very new to this and I need to know how to deal with my install. I have downloaded 7 zip files from oracle and Im not sure how to install them. Do I combine them or run the setup.exe in file 1, then 2 etc...
    I dont have oracle installed nor do I have a disk.

    I should add this is 11g release 2 and Ive downloaded the files from support and they say you can install using these (pre-release).
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    I suggest that you use MS Access instead; since it is much more user-friendly software

    Oracle Installation Guide manuals can be found at URL should you desire to Read The Fine Manual
    Search and Download Oracle Database, Application Server, and Collaboration Suite Documentation
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    thanks but thats not an option

    I am just moving all contents to a single folder and running the setup, seems to be working so far. Ill update this if it fails.
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    Oracle on laptop non-network or dhcp computer

    connection problems with sqlplus or others maybe due to your setup:

    Oracle Database Preinstallation*Requirements

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