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Thread: /wrkgrp usage

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    Unanswered: /wrkgrp usage

    Have a client who's hard drive crashed. I was able to recover her .mdb as well as system.mdw and Security.mdw files.

    She is not sure what version of Windows or Access she was running. She does not know what her computer workgroup was named or what it's password may have been (I suspect it was just "Admin" with blank password, but cannot be sure. She doesn't even know who set it up for her.)

    The database was obviously secured because she gets the error "You don't have the necessary permissions to use the object. Have the system administrator or the person who created this object establish the appropriate permissions for you." when trying to open the file directly.

    I've tired executing the following at the elevated command prompt:

    "path to access" "path to .mdb file" /wrkgrp "path to .mdw file"

    I've tried this using both the path to Access 2000 as well as path to Access 2007. I get the error, "Cannot open the Microsoft Jet engine workgroup information file."

    This is a very important file to her, as it contains all the names and mailing addresses of her clients.

    Any help would be EXTREMELY appreciated.

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    short of taking the MDB to a specialist I think you may well be screwed
    try importing all the objects into a blank database

    default workgroup file is system.mdw, however its location bobs around with different versions of Access.
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    Thank you. I did try importing into a blank database, but still get the same permissions error.

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