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    Unanswered: "Locking" Database by Disabling Access Menus

    I have created a database that is going to host a backend on our network drive with a front end being distributed to a couple of users. Now these users are not access savy. Therefore, I would like to disable almost all access menus so that they can not get in and change the layout or design of the forms, queries, etc. Basically I have provided them with buttons on the forms to go between/view forms, save, and close. Anything else that access offers, they don't need. How can I do this? I've tried to go and disable all menu options, but home and adobe menus still show up. I would ideally like the only way to get to menus is to hold shift at start up since none of them know that.

    Is it possible? What do you recommend for only letting users navigate using only form buttons?

    Access 2007.

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    Click on the "Office" button (top left of the Access window), then on the "Access Options" button (lower left). You'll find several options there that allow you to customize/personalize your database.
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    if you dont' want users to tinker with your application then I'd suggest hiding isn't the way to go, no matter ho inexperienced your users are. if you allow 'em the tools some day someone will find 'em and use 'em. and you will be none the wiser unless you go and see what they are doing to screw things up

    you could deploy as an MDE (especially if using a split front end and backend
    you don't say what version of Access you are using, but if its 2007 or later you can get runtime FoC

    if you do go down the MDE route then make certain you keep your MDB as its virtually impossible to get meaningfull code back out of an MDE file. so you develop in MDE, but deploy in MDE
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