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    Unanswered: Macro SendObject and Google Apps

    Next week, my company will be migrating from Lotus Notes to Google Apps for our email platform.

    Several of our department applications create emails using the SendObject function in a macro.

    My question is, how is our changeover to Google apps going to affect that function? Will we have any issues? Right now, it will create the email in Lotus but it won't send it. Which is ok, the user just has to click the send button. Will it be that way in Google? Anything we need to change to ensure this works?

    Any and all support from "Google Gurus" will be accepted!!!

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    Default mail client

    The formula's in your (non-Notes) application rely on the default mail client settings of your operating system (windows). So those applications will stop working when you don't change the registry settings of windows.

    note: G-WORKPLACE Google Apps Solution Provider delivers custom migration services for Notes applications to Google Apps.

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