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    Hi all...
    I'm running Access db for a complaints procedure application written in classic asp.
    i have a form that inserts a completion date in the format of 09/02/2012
    on my local pc, the date is inserted correctly, but on our 'intranet' server, the date is inserted as 02/09/2012

    Can anyone advise on why this is and what needs to be done to correct it?

    Many Thanks in advance


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    Internally, the Jet Engine (the database engine of Access) only understands the mm/dd/yyyy format. When you need to pass a Date data to the Jet Engine, use:
    "#" & Format(SomeDate, "mm/dd/yyyy") & "#"
    Have a nice day!

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    Access/JET stores date / time values as a number, not as a dd/mm/yyyy or any other format. it has problems confusing dates with dd/mm/yyyy with mm/dd/yyyy which is why date literals should be expressed as #mm/dd/yyyy# however it deos alwasy understand iso dates yyyy/mm/dd. it can also handle dd mmm yyyy, where the month is spelt as per your computers localisation settings

    Access can handle dd/mm/yyyy dates depending on how they are presented tot he system (if they are in a control then usign the value of thjat control in an SQL expression will work fine, as Access uses the current localisation settings for the controls data validation)

    Id be tempted to check where your server thinks its located (ie its internationalisation / localislation settings are.
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