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    Unanswered: SQL1220N The database manager shared memory set cannot be allocated

    I've installed DB2 7.9 on my Ubuntu 11.10, 32bit. And while installing it didn't created a separate db2inst account. And to my db2start command it says "SQL1220N The database manager shared memory set cannot be allocated"

    I'm using Getting Started With DB2 7.9 as my guide.

    db2val gives me the following result:

    DBI1379I The db2val command is running. This can take several minutes.

    DBI1335I Installation file validation for the DB2 copy installed at
    /home/zerocool/sqllib was successful.

    DBI1338E The validation of instance zerocool failed. Reason


    1. The default instance is not set.
    2. Some files in the instance directory are damaged. The symbolic links
    of the files are not pointing to the current DB2 copy installation
    path, and the file permission and ownership might have been changed.
    3. The DB2 Extended Security setup does not allow the current user to
    start an instance. If Extended Security is enabled, the user needs to
    be in the DB2ADMNS group.
    4. To start the instance, read permission is required to the
    /etc/services file.
    5. The appropriate authority is required to validate this instance.
    6. The partitioned database environment setting is not correct.
    7. The instance failed to start because of system errors.
    8. An unexpected internal error occurred.

    User response:

    1. Set the DB2INSTDEF profile registry variable to an instance in the
    DB2 copy.
    2. Run the db2iupdt or db2nrupdt command with the -k option for the
    3. Add the current user to the DB2ADMNS group and rerun the command.
    4. Ensure you have read permission to the /etc/services file.
    5. For authorization details, see the db2val command in the DB2
    Information Center. Then log on as a user with the appropriate
    authority, and retry the command.
    6. Check the partitioned database environment validation log file for
    7. Check the log file for details.
    8. Rerun the db2val command. If this error persists, contact your IBM
    service representative.

    DBI1344E The validation tasks of the db2val command failed. For
    details, see the log file /tmp/db2val-01_22_21:05:28.log.

    I'm new to DB2 and linux too; so excuse if I said something stupid. :P

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    Try setting INSTANCE_MEMORY dbm cfg to automatic using:

    db2 update dbm cfg using INSTANCE_MEMORY automatic

    If this doesn't help, check for errors in the db2diag.log and apply the latest fixpak (v9.7 FP5). Some kernel parameters are configured by db2 starting with v9.7 FP2:
    IBM DB2 9.7 for Linux, UNIX and Windows Information Center

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