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    Sybase is Looking for a Talented Engineer to Join our Team in Waterloo

    Sybase, an SAP company, is a company with a key focus on database management and mobile and wireless technologies. One of our strategic products, Sybase IQ, is a leader in the Enterprise Data Warehouse and Analytics areas. Sybase IQ is the first, and the most mature, column oriented data warehouse on the market and has been recognized as a visionary product by industry analysts. Consider joining the very talented and dynamic Sybase IQ development team.

    We are currently looking to add a Senior Software Developer to our Sybase IQ database server team in Waterloo, ON, Canada. Working within this small, world-class research and development team you will design and implement innovative, leading-edge ideas that drive the Sybase IQ database. We are looking for enthusiastic, innovative, team players who enjoy striving to get maximum program performance through attention to quality and low level details.

    As part of the Sybase IQ team, you will have involvement in one or more of the following areas:

    • In-Memory Database Computing: The advent of modern hardware is opening new research areas related to exploitation of very large memory and CPU/core footprints. You will become familiar with and develop state of the art in-memory database server technologies.

    • Distributed DBMS: In this role, you will become familiar with technologies related to shared everything MPP database systems, including, but not limited to, distributed query processing, concurrency control, muti-threaded programming and parallel algorithms.

    • Advanced Analytics: You will be on the leading edge of researching and developing advanced analytics capabilities within an MPP database server. You will design and implement innovative ideas that make it possible for advanced mining and predictive algorithms to be deployed close to massive amounts of data managed by Sybase IQ.

    • Query processing: You will become familiar with leading edge computing technologies in the design and implementation of our relational database engine, including advanced query execution algorithms, SQL language and other features related to data warehousing and mining. You will additionally become responsible for a subset of specific components within the Sybase SQL Anywhere database server (embedded within Sybase IQ) that pertain to SQL query processing and interactions with Sybase IQ.

    • Generally, you will participate in the research, design, implementation, problem determination, maintenance, and patenting of server features that improve the functionality of database applications.

    In addition, you will keep abreast of innovations in both commercial and academic institutions, provide detailed assessments of competitive products, and communicate solutions to other research and development staff, Sybase consultants, and directly to customers.


    • You must have at least a university honours degree in Computer Science or a related field with experience in C/C++, object oriented programming, and system level programming or database system fundamentals.
    • Graduate work at the Masters or Doctoral level is highly desirable. As a member of the database server team, you must be able to communicate effectively with others, both orally and in writing, yet work independently.
    • Database application development or DBA experience, familiarity with data mining and advanced analytics, experience with distributed systems, compiler and real-time development, as well as familiarity with one or more Unix and Linux platforms are definite assets.

    If you’re excited about working on a wide range of relational data warehouse server and advanced analytics technologies and are looking for a position with a stable, market leading company, using and creating leading edge technology, located in the heart of the Canadian Technology Triangle, Sybase IQ may be right for you!

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    Angry brent

    I see that your posting has been hit 146 times but no contact responses.

    What do you think. While attemting to help someone with a job or filling a spot you can't make a buck?

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    I'm sure that I've got an "old school" point of view, but I see forums as a place to post information about jobs, but not as a place to apply for them. I'm pretty paranoid, but I limit what I post on places like Linked-In or DICE and won't post personal information publically.

    I wouldn't interpret the lack of posts as being a lack of responses. I don't see a tight correlation between them.

    In theory, theory and practice are identical. In practice, theory and practice are unrelated.

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