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    Question Unanswered: Help import data ???

    Hello Im complety newbie in paradox.
    But this is very very important.
    Im insurance broker.
    The software I use for manager my clients is made with paradox tables.
    Last friday I lost one of tables, I just dont know how, someone delete it.
    Fortunately I have one backup of that table, because I use 3rd party software for convert paradox into MySql.
    I export data to CSV file, with all fields by the same order and separated by ";".

    I install my insurance manager software in other folder with empty tables.

    I try to use data structure from empty table, but I cant use.

    I import all data to one new table, and make all structure by hand.
    The problem is when I define datafields as DATE, paradox ask me to trim and loose all data from field.

    If I dont trim paradox dont change structure of the field.


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    you can easily start over if you don't like the results.. OK the trim, look at the data.. it's just changing from a more exact date format..
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