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    Manage this project...

    You have been tasked to build an application that does nothing more than ask a series of questions in layman's terminology that can then take the answers and translate them into technical level information used to be input by another person on the production system's software.

    The deadline you are given today, is yesterday.

    In the process of doing this task you are presented with these obstacles:

    1. The company has very recently upgraded all of its software to a version you are unfamiliar with.

    2. You have never used the software that the technical user will be utilizing to enter their information on the production system.

    3. The documentation for the software the technical user will be utilizing is incomplete and lacks depth.

    4. The technical user is unable/unwilling to assist.

    5. You are told by your boss that you are not allowed to use the production system for reasons which are easily discredited in series, but ultimately still told that the software on the production system is verboten and that you should utilize the test system.

    6. The software on the test system is not functional.

    Describe in detail, how you would address the 6 obstacles.

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    please give me the series of questions that you want used in this application i'm supposed to build

    without that, this whole exercise is a joke, and i would say so to my boss | @rudydotca
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