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    Unanswered: retrieving only 50 chars from a detail table

    Hello everyone -

    I have a detail table of comments. I need to grab the fist 50 characters from the comment field from this table. The kick is that I need to get the comments from all of the records in the detail table, as the comments might be less than 50 characters, so i need to pull the comments from the other comment records that apply to the master table record.

    right now i have the comments in a join to the master table, but this is causing a few records to be returned....

    I guess what i am looking for is a way to grab the comment value from the first record of the detail table.


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    Try this:
    SELECT Master.Id,
    	LEFT((SELECT LTRIM(RTRIM(Details.comments)) + ' ' 
    		FROM Details
    		WHERE Master.Id = Details.MasterId
    		ORDER BY Details.seqNr
    		FOR XML PATH('')
    		), 50) AS Comments
    FROM Master
    GROUP BY Master.Id ;
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