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    Unanswered: Using the mouse to click and drag records to change their order

    I have a very difficult problem. I didn't find any solution in google after two hours of searching. I have a table with some products characteristics:

    product ID, ProductName, Produced before, ...

    I need to sort the records manually to achieve the order for the lowest cost production. I want to do this by dragging the record up and down with the mouse . I want also that the new order is kept when I open again the table or form. Is it possible to do this in Access 2010.

    Just to clarify that the data is on a SQL server 2008 R2, tables are linked to Access 2010 and all the queries, forms and reports are also in Access

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    1 - you don't need to sort the data manually; that's what queries are for.

    2 - if you still insist on having the table sorted, use a make table query to sort the data into a new table, delete the old table, and rename the new table as the old table.


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