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    Unanswered: User Interface for Web DB

    Hey guys,

    I was originally building a db in Access, but it seems that there are limitations that will hinder me more than I had originally realized.

    Now I am building the db in SQL Server, and I was wondering what program I should use for designing the UI for it?

    Is there an application that is preferable for building professional looking web forms and reports?

    Any input is appreciated

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    You can still use Access as the front end of your application, by using SQL Server tables instead of Access tables.

    Or you could program it in:
    - ASP.Net MVC
    - Java Spring MVC
    - Python Django
    - Ruby on Rails
    - PHP Zend/Symphony/CakePHP/...
    - ....

    Take the one out that best fits your interests/skills.

    With the open source frameworks, most work out of the box with SQLite, MySQL and/or PostgreSQL. Check out their compatibility with SQL Server.

    TinyTDS/FreeTDS is needed with Ruby on Rails (already included in RailsInstaller). It took me a while to get Ruby working with SQL Server. Turned out I had written "locahost" instead of "localhost". Only noticed it after 3 days of Googling
    Ruby's preferred habitat is Linux and MacOS though, not Windows.

    Python is a very pleasant programming language to work with. Django is definitely worth trying too.
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