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    Unanswered: I do not LIKE this :(

    Just take a look at my tiny little test script:
    drop   table orig0_table;
    create table orig0_table
          attrib#1 int  not null generated always as identity primary key
        , attrib#2 date not null default current_date
        , attrib#3 date not null 
        , attrib#4 date generated always as (case when year(attrib#2) < 1980
                                                 then attrib#2 + 1 year
                                                 else attrib#3 - 3 months
    insert   into orig0_table (attrib#2 , attrib#3) values ('1959-04-26' , '1985-09-22'  );
    insert   into orig0_table (attrib#2 , attrib#3) values ('1985-09-22' , current_date  );
    insert   into orig0_table (attrib#2 , attrib#3) values ('2000-01-01' , '2112-12-21'  );
    insert   into orig0_table (attrib#3) values ( '1111-11-11');
    insert   into orig0_table (attrib#3) values ( '1212-12-12');
    select * from orig0_table;
    drop   table copy1_table;
    create table copy1_table
           like  orig0_table;
    declare   x1    cursor for select *  from orig0_table                ; 
    load from x1 of cursor     insert    into copy1_table nonrecoverable ;
    insert   into copy1_table (attrib#3) values ( '111-11-11');
    insert   into copy1_table (attrib#3) values ( current_date);
    select * from copy1_table;
    Try for yourself and see whay happens.... The inserts in copy1_table are not executed. Why?
    The "generate always" logic did not survive the "create table A like B" syntax. Okay, it was a nonsence rule, but DB2 accepted it for the orig0_table, didn't it?
    attrib#4 is not a generated field anymore but a "normal" column which did remember the "not null" property.

    Right: when you dig deep into the documentation I do not doubt that this is "expected behaviour" so I will not issue a PMR, but I do not LIKE this LIKE syntax which forgets parameters without any warning

    You all know this already, but when there is only 1 soul out there who did not realize this (like me): this thread is for you.

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    The manual says that the column names and data types are copied, together with nullability and, if desired, identity clauses. It doesn't mention any generation clauses. CREATE TABLE - IBM DB2 9.7 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows
    Knut Stolze
    IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator
    IBM Germany Research & Development

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