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    Red face Unanswered: execute a store procedure from toad with VARRAY as input

    I'm trying to execute a procedure from TOAD, that procedure takes a VARRAY as input. be low are the steps i followed:

    1.right click on the procedure name
    2.execute procedure.
    3.i got a dialog box to enter input parameters, but varray input field was disabled. Can, you please, help me in this regard how to execute the procedure.

    below is the spec for the procedure

    in_varray IN InputType,
    in_status IN VARCHAR2,
    out_cursor OUT typ_refcur

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    This is just one of many reasons why to avoid using VARRAY datatype.
    VARRAY only exists within a PL/SQL procedure, so you can not test using TOAD the typical way.
    So either test using sqlplus or change the datatype.

    What advantage does VARRAY provide?
    Do the pros outweigh the cons for VARRAY?
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