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    Unanswered: Building a Database Application

    I want to build a database application though am not sure of a few things.

    What I want to do is build a database application, with a GUI, which will have multiple tables and a user interface which I can enter financial data and run reports from.

    The perfect example of something enabling this kind of thing is Microsoft Access though I have a couple of problems with it. (two reasons below)

    1 - I'm proficient in building applications for excel using VBA and ever though it covers all of my needs the sheer size of the application I want to build and the amount of vba I will need to write will slow it down too much. I want to use real programming languages to build this

    2 - The other issue is the portability of a database application. Basically I'm trying to build something that I can enter and record financial data on and run reports / make assessments using financial ratios and calculations and store the data that I input into the application so that it is not lost the minute I shut down the PC I'm utilizing. I am looking for something that I can run on any computer like compiled computer exe file or a program of some kind. Maybe portable.

    The problem with using Microsoft access is that you need to have Microsoft office or Microsoft access installed. Is there any way around this. I want to be able to travel with it and use it on most (if any) computers.

    I have some knowledge of C++ and am hoping to build something using this. If there is another language which would be more suitable to my needs then please feel free to suggest it and the reasons why.

    Thanks so much to anyone who may be able to shed some light on this..


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    Re: Building a Database Application


    I suggest you use VS to create your application. It comes with some great database tools. There are even third party vendors that have fully supported add-on controls like (check out ComponentOne).

    You don't need Access installed in order to use it's database file from within your applications.


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    Applications written all versions of Access can be run without a per seat copy of Access itself.

    up until Access 2007 you required to pay separately for a copy of 'runtime', since 2007 runtime is available free of charge. so its perfectly possible to deploy an Access application to users without incurring any additional licencing costs.

    using the native Access database (actually called JET) is OK providing you dont' expect to have many concurrent users. JET isnt' very good at largen numbers of concurrent users (something that is the same with all file server db systems includign SQLlite, Filemaker and so on).

    if persistance of data once a specific PC is turned off is a requirmement then you proabbly need to shift the data to an always available source, whether thats an ISP hosted database or VPN one is upto you and your budget.

    I guess it depends on who you see using the application, its prefectly possible to have a system on a uSB memeor stick suign say SQLLite. but I woudlnt' treat that as a multi user system
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