I really need someones help now I have ran out of ideas on how to do this.

Langley B SundayAverages: Langley B Player Stats and Averages.accdb - File Shared from Box - Free Online File Storage

The above database works, however I am trying to simplify the data entry by having the form look like a match score card

See word Doc: Team Name.doc - File Shared from Box - Free Online File Storage

I have used box.com because files are large.

Idealy I would like two data entry forms 1 for home games and 1 for away game results, as I will then create a query like I have in sunday averages to calculate Won lost played etc like a football league table. If this is not possible is there a work around if so please help.

pls view the above database and all tables and queries in design view you will then see how things are calculated.

A Guy Called Michael tried to help me with this database the data entry form on this database is what im looking for but i need to be able to calculate for matches home and matches away total games played won lost etc per player like the query in langley database.

If a Player score 21 at home they win and get 2 points
If a player scores 21 away they win and get 3 points
o points if they loose.

Michaels Matches.zip - File Shared from Box - Free Online File Storage

Pls help.

Please feel free to create the table structure and relationships I can do the rest.

The database has to store the match results then allow me to run a query to calculate won lost for against points etc like a league table per player. my 1st database does this but tryng to redesign it. in 1st database i use yes no fields so that the query can add up the ticks.

please please please help.