I recored the results so the query you will see in old db produces a player league table of which player is performing the best etc.

Write here goes, one last attempt at trying to explain what Im trying to do, I have a database that works but want to re-design it to do the the following

1. store and record match data, see below
Team Played
Date of Home Home/away Game

Played at home - Yes No
our score
opp score
Won H - yes/no
Lost H - yes/no
Points - 2 points 4 each player if they win at home

Played away - yes No field
Our score - if player reaches 21 they have won there game
Opp score
Won Away Yes/no
Lost Away Yes/ No
Points Away 3 points 4 each player of they win away.

However in my 1st attempt at re-designing it with some help, how i want the data entry form to look is perfect but i do not now how to get the query i have in the 1st database t work in the 2nd, because the query in the 1st database relys on two sets of data to add up.

ideay i would like two data entry forms, for the home and away matches, put players that make up my sunday team is a total of 8 but the players names can very from match to match depending on who is avalible or who is performing. like many to many.

If anyone could help with either a design that they no will work or a query that will work then please feel free to have a go.

Link 1 and link to i have had to use box.com to upload even though i have cut the info down as much as i can.

so could someone please help resolve this issue.

Matches6.accdb - File Shared from Box - Free Online File Storage - What im trying to do re-design
http://www.box.com/s/4rmrkrqbz9y8by6ihlao- What old DB looked like