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    Unanswered: Database Creation/Modelling Help

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help me as this problem is driving me mad.

    I am creating a database system for a Radio Station; the database will contain tables to hold the Presenters information, Requests "that users have submitted" and a playlist table.

    Here are the requirements:

    Radio Show Playlist
    A unique item identifier
    Name of radio show
    Playlist of music

    Listener requests

    A unique item identifier
    Name of the listener
    Artist requested
    Song requested

    I have pretty much figured out most of it apart from one thing and that’s what I need help with, the problem is that I am not sure how to create the Playlist of music list.

    I assume that the information from listeners request will go in to a table under Music Table. Then a selection of songs will be chosen and scheduled in to the Radio show playlist to be played throughout the day.

    Just wondering how I will manage to schedule it so that there will be a list of songs with the name of the radio show that it will be played on.

    Each showing is also only 1 hour long so the duration of each song will have to be summarised, but the user will make the request so I doubt they will know the duration. I am guessing that assumptions will just be made with this and say that 10 songs can fit in to one hour.

    This is probably something really simple and I have just over complicated it but when I am drawing my ERD's its the playlist part that is driving me mad! I am guessing that the playlist table will be made of various parts of the database e.g. The presenters name will be taken from the Presenters table, list of songs taken from Music Table etc

    Ps: not planning on someone doing this for me, I am keen on doing this myself just if someone could make sense of this and point me in the right direction. I would be grateful.
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    Im guessing you are missing a few entities here
    such as songs, performers, listeners
    persuamby a play list depends on the specific show(performance) or is playlist ment to represent 'stuff' approved for playing on a show
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    Yeah I gathered that but I got confirming today that the Playlist will be a show, but with a selection of user requests included.

    I have thought about making a tables with:


    Obviously playlist being the one where information is grabbed from show and also from the presenters table and linked all together in the playlist. Within the requests I have let the users decide which show they want their request to be sent to by using PHP.

    I hope that is what it is requiring :/

    But thank you for your help your simple reply made me think of it in a total different way, which helped me design my tables more efficiently than the way I had them before.

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