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    Unanswered: How Do I Round Up numbers to x.99 or x.00 in a column

    Hi folks.

    I have a long list of numbers. They start with various numbers to the left of the decimal ranking from 0 to say 20000. The numbers to the right vary between .00 and .99. But I don't want anything but .99 and .00.

    I would like to leave the .00 ones alone and change anything that ends in .01 to .98 and make it .99 while keeping the numbers to the left of the decimal intact!

    Is this possible?

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    try the round function

    fwiw like most computer languages there is a wealth of information out there, most of the functions are as described in english so a google search should normally get you there. there is also a pretty reasonable if quirky help system (press F1) especailly if you want context sensitive help
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    I honestly tried that. Used F1, type in Round Up and got 13 results and nothing about Rounding up! I also tried "Rounding" and it was promising but the "Rounding Expression" link in the help box brought me to definitions and nothing on how to do anything about it. i.e. I'm here!

    Believe me, if I come to the forum, it's because I haven't been able to find it elsewhere!

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