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    Unanswered: Query Not Apply Changes to Table

    Hello all,

    I created to concatenate queries today that I thought were all set. However, they don't update the table. They only give me a new table with the data combined. I want them to update the table. So I look at Update Query and the fields are different and I think I did the wrong thing.

    I'll use the easy example: I combined a prefix and a item number. Works when I run the query, just doesn't update the table.

    Here's what Ive got

    Field: ITEM_PFX | ITEM_NUM | sku: [ITEM_PFX] & [ITEM_NUM]

    Sort (all blank)
    Show (all three fields checked)
    Criteria (all blank)
    or (all blank)

    Now in the UPDATE QUERY screen the options are:
    Update To:

    How to I port my Query data into the UPDATE query! OR do I have to make another type of query!

    While I'm loving results and have been at this for a week, I keep running into walls! UGH Your help is appreciated!


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    don't fold data back into a single column, leave the separate columns as they are in storage. you can alwasy merge data as an when required in a query. one thing to bear in mind is that there are different elements.
    theres the data storage element (ie how you store, manipulate or process the data)
    theres the presentation element (ie how you represent the data on forms or reports).
    don't be tempted to store data in a style or format used in a form or report. leave the presentation to the presentation layer.
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    Thanks again!

    I moved "[ITEM_PFX] & [ITEM_NUM]" to the update to field and took it out of the FIELD name. And viola! Man this stuff is complicated but easy at the same time. I'm learning on the fly!

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