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    Unanswered: Finding List of Bad Characters in Field


    I'm about 5 mini projects away from completing my Access crash course. Thank you to everyone that's been helping. It's truly appreciated and I'm learning incredible things. I wish I learned this all earlier in life!

    I have about 59000 records / rows. I want to select a field / column and find all the characters in the field that are NOT a-z, 0-9.

    This will enable me to create a MEGA Update Query to selectively remove or replace them all. Finding them without going through it line by line proves to be the hurdle.

    Does anyone know if I can get such a list of "other" characters? I don't need to know how many or to have each one represented individually. I just need to know if it shows up, what it is so I can plan the removal or replacement strategy.

    Thank you much,

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    Maybe an objective might help.

    I have a column of data with 59000 records in which I need to remove everything other than a-to-z, hyphens (-) and numbers.

    If I could replace "all characters" other than a-z / 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and - with a single -, and also remove any resulting double or tripled dashes like "--" or "---" it will get me where I need to be.

    This is probably more efficient than listing characters to find and replace later!

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