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    Unanswered: Question about modifying a field output

    Good day.

    I am very new to crystal Reports XI. I have built a report and it works the way I would like except I would like to change the way one of the fields displays but I am not able to figure out how.

    I have a field that displays 000000000000012CF0517 however I only want it to display 12CF0517. Any help would be great.

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    It looks like the field in question is a string and to display 000000000000012CF0517 as 12CF0517 on the report, you would need to use the RIGHT string function to extract the series of characters you needed.

    If you need 8 characters as seen in your example, you would then use the RIGHT function to extract 8 characters from the right side of the string to display 12CF0517.

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