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    Question Unanswered: Update Combo Box

    Hi there everyone,

    I just have a quick (pretty sure it is quick) how to question for Access 2007.

    So I made a mistake in designing the Access 2007 databse (still learning) anyway so I need to do a workaround that requires me to make the following situation.

    So I have a table named Courses have two feilds CrsID and CrsName. In a form there will be a combo box that EU will select CrsName. I need the CrsID to then update to a separate combo box that will be hidden to help update other combo boxes. I know I need to do a "After Update" Event Procedure on the CrsName combo box but I cannot figure out the VB code to push the CrsID to the other combo box.

    If you're wondering the mistake I made, it was a relationship mistake and I am this close to being done and just need the quick fix.

    Free Mojito to the sexy one who save my rear.

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    My gut feeling is you'll get a faster answer if you post your question in the Access forum instead of the Excel forum.

    Do I get that mojito?

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    Dog gone it. Thanks. I goofed. Please mark this thread for deletion. I'll post in Access forums.

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