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    Unanswered: I have problem to install report bulider 6i

    hiii guys

    i installed sql 10g and form builder 6i correctly and i try to install report builder
    it's say u must stop all services

    You must stop all Oracle Services and Applications using Net8 for the Net8 installtion to be successfull.
    Press OK to continue the installtion once thes services and applications have been stopped, or press cancel to abort the installationPlease help me to get rid of this problem. Thank you in advance.

    please help my i have to install it

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    The answer might depend on operating system you use.

    On MS Windows, you'd open "Services" (from "Administrative tools") and stop all Oracle services that are running. I wouldn't know how to do that on other operating systems.

    Anyway: you are installing it in a wrong order - should be
    1. database
    2. Reports
    3. Forms

    For more details see David's message on OraFAQ Forum (believe me, he *knows* that stuff very well).

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