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    Unanswered: Smart Card System for new building

    I have to look into gettting a system that will work with out database, the smart Card system. My boss wants people to swipe thiere card and have it populate our database. Has anyone every bought it and installed it. We have a database that has SQL Server 2005 as the engine and Access 2007 as the front end for the users. Does anyone know anything about the Smart Card Set or anything and how to make it Sync up with an exsisting database??

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    As I understand the term "Smart Card", it is an authentication tool. It is one way to identify a user, it uses a Smart Code token exactly the way that Windows itself uses a password.

    The real advantage to using a smart card is that A) it is difficult to copy and B) it is easy to pass to another user. While people might leave their password taped to their PC or their smart card lying on their desk for someone to "borrow", it isn't easy for a user to copy their card and give a copy to another person (either deliberately or accidentally).

    You might also want to consider RSA tokens. These would be much less expensive for your use (due to state contracts) and they are also both more secure and more flexible to use than smart cards.

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