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    Where to store data (what table)?

    I want to make a database to store a list of all my servers. I "think" it is pretty straight forward to make a table that has all of the servers and the attributes they have. However, as time goes by, I want to "use" the list of servers to "do things" to the servers using scripts.

    For simplicity let's say a month from now a manager wants me to make a script that runs every day and does something to some servers servers. I need to record, in the database, a yes/no attribute for each server for that action. After another month, the manager wants another daily script that does something to a different set of servers. etc, etc.

    I don't think it would be proper to add a column to the server list each time I need to record a new yes/no attribute for each server. Is that correct?

    Should I make a completely new table each time I need to record a new attribute? It seems kinda kludgy because I would have the entire list of servers replicated many times in the database. Then, whenever I add/delete a server it would be a mess.

    Any thoughts on where/how to store attributes that you don't know at the time you are designing the database?


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    No, just make a subtable of Events, with a foreign key to the Servers table.
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