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Thread: If in sql query

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    Unanswered: If in sql query

    i should start with telling you guys that i am newbie to the php+mysql world.

    I have spent some time trying to fix a mysql query with a if statement.

    $sql = "SELECT * FROM `booking` ORDER BY year DESC,month DESC,day DESC; ";

    what i would like is something like

    $sql = "SELECT IF (year>=''$TODAYS'YEAR,month>='$TODAYSMONTH',day>=' $TODAYSDATE') * FROM `booking` ORDER BY year DESC,month DESC,day DESC; ";

    the point with this is that i want to filter bookings that are old...

    is it possible?

    Thank You in Advance

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    SELECT ...
      FROM booking
     WHERE CONCAT_WS( '-' , `year`,`month`,`day`) >= CURRENT_DATE
    please, take my advice, redesign your table to get rid of the three columns and replace them with a single DATE column | @rudydotca
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