Hi folks,

i've got an old but still alive SQL 2000 running on an old SBS 2000. I going to migrate this one to SQL 2008 or even SQL 2012 this year. Up to then i'll have still to operate this Database.

These days i updated my client machine and by doing so i dropped my Win XP VM and replaced it with a 64Bit Win 7 pro. Everything works fine. I can even connect the backup SQL Server, an Instance of a SQL Server belonging to a third party Application can be connected, but i can't connect my most important SQL-Server hosting our Intranet.

This Server uses a different IP-Port (7110) and can be easily connected via Enterprise Manager from any Client using Win 2k ( yep i still got one) or several XP Clients. But i can'tz connect the Server from by brandnew Win 7 pro! i opend up 1433 and 7110 in the Firewall, i used the Client-Tools to add Aliases for Pipe and TCPIP - no effect.

Any Ideas? Or do i really have to reinstall an XP VM to keep this old beast working?