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    Unanswered: autonumber of imported sessions

    Hi everybody,

    It's been ages since i've used access and i've a question related to importing external data.
    I've a lot of csv files wich should be imported to one table. In this table, i'd like to have one column where I've a "counter" which adds a number to each and every row of the imported data.
    So, when i've a csv file with 10 rows of data and I import it, the counter column in my table should write "001" in all imported rows.
    When I import a second csv file into this table, the counter column should display "002"
    When I import a third csv file.... it should show me "003" for all the data imported...

    Any idea on how I could manage to do this?
    I'd appreciate all suggestions and help!
    thanks a lot already and best regards!

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    You could add a 'Counter' column to your .csv files or if you are using a linked .csv and an append query you could write the required number into the correct field in the query.


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