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    Unanswered: Passing through values from individual columns in Listboxes

    If I have a listbox with 4 columns displayed. Is it possible to pass the values from each of the columns to text fields on another form.
    I can do it from 2 listboxes with only one column using the following code just wondering what I am missing

    Me.TextBox1 = Forms!formname.listbox1
    Me.TextBox2 = Forms!formname.listbox2

    I have tried

    Me.TextBox1 = Forms!formname.listbox1(0)
    Me.TextBox2 = Forms!formname.listbox1(1)

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    Me.TextBox1 = Forms!formname.listbox1.Column(0)
    Me.TextBox2 = Forms!formname.listbox1.Column(1)
    Have a nice day!

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