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    Unanswered: Formula to add from one tab to another

    Disregard post this should be in the excel forum - my applogies.

    I have a spreadsheet with tabs QTR 1, QTR 2, QTR 3, and QTR 3. I added another tab Year to Date. I placed a formula in the year to date tab as such ='QTR 1'!D4+'QTR 2'!D4+'QTR 3'!D4+'QTR 4'!D4.

    First it will not add up the number it give me a #value error. What I am looking to do is show a year to date roll up each quarter so in quarter 2, 3 and 4 there will be no values until that quarter. Do i need to add a zero in each of the cells in 2, 3 and 4 or do i have the formula incorrect

    Any help would be appreciated.
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