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    Unanswered: Excel Formula

    I have a spreadsheet with tabs QTR 1, QTR 2, QTR 3, and QTR 3. I added another tab Year to Date. I placed a formula in the year to date tab as such ='QTR 1'!D4+'QTR 2'!D4+'QTR 3'!D4+'QTR 4'!D4.

    First it will not add up the number it give me a #value error. What I am looking to do is show a year to date roll up each quarter so in quarter 2, 3 and 4 there will be no values until that quarter. Do i need to add a zero in each of the cells in 2, 3 and 4 or do i have the formula incorrect

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Here's a tool to help with formula problems. Make the cell with the formula active. Then up in the formula bar, where you should see your formula displayed, use your mouse to highlight
    one of the calculations, such as 'QTR 4'!D4

    Next press the F9 key and the formula bar will reveal what that portion of the formula evaluates to. In your case you are looking for a number, or a 0 (zero) if that cell appears to be empty.
    If two double quote marks are revealed, then this would be the reason for your error; you are attempting to add numbers and text. This is what I observed with Excel 2003.

    After you press F9 and take note of the value, it is important to finish by pressing the escape key so that your formula is restored.

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