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    Unhappy Unanswered: related to connection session with db2

    Hi Folks,

    Since I am new to database, I just want to know if any database lets assume IBM db2 we are assuming , and we all are having the clients of it that connect to db2 on a particular ip address , now all of our team is having client and same credentials that is same user name and password , now if I set say my auto commit mode to false and execute some queries now when I close my session so will at that time whatever updation's done by me will be reverted back..and also in a team lets assume say if 5 persons connect to same db2 then all the 5 person will be having their different 5 sessions or since credentials are same there will be single session , please guide me on this..!!

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    Each session is separate, even if the same user id and password is used to connect to DB2. You can even have two different connections from the same client computer (2 different command window sessions), and each will be separate. Try it.
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    Red face

    Thanks a lot for the there any sql statement in db2 which will bring out our session no. which we see as unique one..?

    And wat about if one user is making the changes will it also impact the other one also...wat about setting that a auser should do , so that he can also do the changes in database table also for his analysis and that would not impact the other also...that the changes should be in buffer itself,,and whenever he closes his session all the changes that he had made should not be saved the tables should return back as original can we achieve this in db2..!!

    That is I want my session should not be in autocommit mode..!!
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