I have postgresql 8.4 installed on my computer unter windows 7.

The server is passwort protected.

I dumped a test database via pgadminIII.

Now, I want to restore it back to the server via pg_restore, but I get the error: unsupported verison <1.12> in file header.

I googled it, and it says, this error happens if I try to restore a database created with a newer version to a server created with an older version.

But I have only postgresql 8.4. The backup comes from it. So the source and the receiver are the same.

Any idea?

If I want to restore the database via psql (before it I created a .sql file too), it asks for the password. I type it, but it says it's wrong. But this can't be, because in my vb.net app, I easy connect to the database with my password.