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    Unanswered: Unable to requery subform

    Hello Guys,
    I am Oracle Database administrator, however i am unable to administrate access database
    All i want is to SELECT (FNAME, SNAME, LNAME and EGN) in the SubForm based on that script:

    SELECT Students.FName, Students.SName, Students.LName, Students.EGN
    FROM T1_Specialnost INNER JOIN (T1_Period INNER JOIN (T1_Groups INNER JOIN Students ON T1_Groups.Group_ID = Students.Group_ID) ON T1_Period.Period_ID = Students.Period_ID) ON T1_Specialnost.Spec_ID = Students.Spec_ID
    WHERE (((T1_Specialnost.SpecName)=[Forms]![Start]![Combo0]) AND ((T1_Groups.GroupName)=[Forms]![Start]![Combo2]) AND ((T1_Period.PeriodDate)<=[Forms]![Start]![Combo6]));

    I have tried to edit the SQL script like this:

    SELECT Students.FName, Students.SName, Students.LName, Students.EGN
    FROM Students
    INNER JOIN T1_Period ON Students.Period_ID=T1_Period.Period_ID
    INNER JOIN T1_Specialnost ON Students.Spec_ID=T1_Specialnost.Spec_ID
    INNER JOIN T1_Groups ON Students.Group_ID=T1_Groups.Group_ID
    WHERE T1_Specialnost.SpecName=[Forms]![Start]![Combo0]
    And T1_Groups.GroupName=[Forms]![Start]![Combo2]
    And [Forms]![Start]![Combo6]>=T1_Period.PeriodDate;

    ...however the engine of access is not agree with me

    Also i am unable to requery to subform even when your comments and Access wizard query.
    Could you help me please ?
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