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    Unanswered: how to match column to sequence via system catalog

    Apologies in advance, I'm a *very* new PostgreSQL user so if this is obvious to you, it's not to me...

    I can't seem to work out how I query in the system catalog tables to find a sequence related to a table's column.
    For example, if I
    CREATE TABLE tab1(col1 SERIAL)

    pg_dump then shows:
    CREATE TABLE tab1(
    col1 INTEGER
    CREATE SEQUENCE tab1_col1_seq
    START WITH ! [...] etc
    ALTER SEQUENCE tab1_col1_seq OWNED BYtab1.col1;

    So this shows it's worked.

    What query can I run against the system catalog to show that tab2_col1_seq is owned by tab2.col1? The OID for pg_class.relname 'tab1' and the OID for pg_class.relname 'tab1_col1_seq' are different (obviously) but I can't find anything in pg_attribute, pg_type and so on that I can use to make a logical connection between them...
    (This is related to converting a 500-table Informix database with SERIALs to PostgreSQL and our programs subsequently needing to be able to identify the SERIAL columns for a given table by querying the system catalog).

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    This should do it:
    SELECT seq.relname as sequence_name,  
           n.nspname as sequence_schema, 
           tab.relname as related_table,  
           col.attname as related_column 
    FROM pg_class seq  
      JOIN pg_depend d ON d.objid = seq.oid  
      JOIN pg_class tab ON d.objid = seq.oid AND d.refobjid = tab.oid  
      JOIN pg_attribute col ON (d.refobjid, d.refobjsubid) = (col.attrelid, col.attnum) 
      JOIN pg_namespace n ON n.oid = seq.relnamespace  
    WHERE seq.relname = 'tab1_col1_seq';

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    Shammat, thanks, I'll give it a try - finding my way around an unfamiliar system catalog is a little daunting to say the least; I didn't think to try using pg_depend!
    I'm at least helped by the fact that the serial col is always column 1 (by design) in our source (informix) database; and by Postgres always naming a sequence "<tabname>_<colname>_seq".

    Appreciate the speedy and informative response.


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