Hi everybody,

I hope that i have posted in the right section of the forum.

Firs of all, let me just say that I'm a business student and I'm not familiar with programming and database.

I'm conducting some research in the airline transportation industry and I need to build a database with some information (flight number, seat availability, price, time of departure, time of arrival).

I would like to connect to Expedia database in order to collect that kind of information.

Is technical possible to do that? (Seems that website like kayak or skyscanner take information on expedia and oder online travel agency in order to perform their researches)

Having read some tutorial about database, I think that I should proceed in that way:
1. Connect to Expedia database and understand wich kind of information are in their database
2. Develop the my database structure
3.Transfer part of the information from the Expedia database to the my ones
4. Perform my statistical analysis.

Can someone give my some advice to perform the connection?