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    Unhappy Unanswered: Need help in restore some rows into mySQL database


    I am using one mySQL database for several sections of the website and one of the section is not working, when I go to the link of that section it gives the error "1146 Error @ Line 39: Table 'database_name.table_name' doesn't exist"

    I logged into PHPmyAdmin and in the list of raws the "table_name" is missing, seems like someone has hacked into it and dropped it.

    I have got the following files from the backup server :

    - table_name.frm
    - table_name.myd
    - table_name.myi

    I opened all these files into notepad to see the data, frm and myi is understandable may be because they are structures but myd is understandable as it has data.

    Now I want to restore the lost data through these 3 files but I don't know how.

    Please kindly help me in resolving this issue.


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    Did you backup the files while the MySQL server was shutdown? If not then you may have problems with recovering this data. What I would suggest you do is to restore all the database files of all databases including mysql and information_schema to a separate server. Startup MySQL and then use mysqldump to extract the contents of the table that you are missing and upload these onto your live system.
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