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    Unanswered: log segment full when deleting table


    I was deleting a table and got log segment full error. I know how to add new log segment and did it before. But is there any other way to solve the problem? Can I use dump tran to release the space?
    Here is my operation.

    1> use isi_tst_db
    2> go
    1> delete from Trade_Hist
    2> go
    Space available in the log segment has fallen critically low in database
    'isi_tst_db'. All future modifications to this database will be suspended until
    the log is successfully dumped and space becomes available.
    The transaction log in database isi_tst_db is almost full. Your transaction is
    being suspended until space is made available in the log.

    Then I tried dump tran but it doesn't work.

    1> dump tran isi_tst_db with truncate_only
    2> go
    DUMP TRANSACTION for database 'isi_tst_db' could not truncate the log. Either extend the log using ALTER DATABASE ... LOG ON command or eliminate the oldest active transaction in database 'isi_tst_db' shown in syslogshold table.

    Can any one advise?
    BTW: The DB is set to 'trunc log on chkpt'


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    Sybase database logsegment full

    You may try the following option

    1) select * from master..syslogshold and kill the transactions of the database having issue.
    2) dump tran dbname with no_log

    If the above doesn't work

    alter(increase the log size) the database logsegment then dump the transaction log.


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    Break your delete into smaller transactions (use set rowcount).
    Or if you really want to delete the whole table use
    truncate table Trade_Hist

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